NEWS>The partnership combines wisdom and the future, and it opens the "striving and partner incentive plan".

The partnership combines wisdom and the future, and it opens the "striving and partner incentive plan".

In September 23, 2017, Yijing group held the launching ceremony of the "easy struggle and partner incentive plan" at the Hotel Wanner in Shanghai. The theme of the ceremony is "partnership, intelligence and future". More than 100 core management staff and veteran employees from Shanghai headquarters, Shenzhen office and Chongqing subsidiary are gathered together to witness the launch of the plan.


3+1 "strategy to promote enterprise development and innovation

In 2017, Yi Jing "dedication, unity, fine" as the focus of management, to "fast" is the course of action, the formation of the "3+1" strategy, focusing on products and enhance efficiency, clear business structure, to streamline the organizational level, build collaborative platform, promote innovation and development of Science and technology to build a mechanism system. The 1+3 business form of mobile phone main business + intelligent hardware, industry equipment, and Internet of things modules has been defined. The PCBA+ phone business and the new business of intelligent hardware + industry equipment + Internet of things modules have been defined. On the basis of maintaining the steady growth of the original business, more innovative platforms are incubated to become a reliable and intelligent integration solution provider.

Release partner plans to promote long - term incentives

On the same day, Yijing group convened the core management staff and veteran employees of all platforms to attend the launching ceremony, announcing that the Yijing striving partner incentive plan was officially launched. Yijing will set up a long-term incentive mechanism at different levels, effectively promote and transform the identity of "managers" and "excellent employees" to "partners", bind the long-term value of companies, achieve the interests of all partners, and achieve shared responsibilities and values.


At the launch ceremony, Mr. Sun Bin, President of Yijing group, delivered a speech on behalf of the company. He said that Yi Jing always took the "big stage and small team" as the business philosophy and set the goal of creating a stage of "struggle, openness and sharing". The release of this incentive plan emphasizes the value and interests of employees, hoping that every employee can achieve self value on the easy stage and live a wonderful life.

Yi Jingzhi is "easy", changing the future.

The old saying "easy" has changed the meaning of Yi Jing in the establishment of nine years, constantly innovation, growth stage for the struggle from a warm family, accompanied by sharing mechanism change, ideological change, organizational structure change. The future trend will accelerate and grow, combine business and resources to incubate more innovative enterprises, and become the best intelligent terminal integrated solutions provider in China.


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