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The development trend of smart home driven by Internet of things


The information and communication industry has gone from the PC era, the Mobile era, to the era of IoT (Internet of things), which will bring more application and innovation development. Smart Home, driven by factors such as network transmission bandwidth improvement, hardware price decline, cloud application mode popularization and huge amount of analysis capability improvement, has led the leaders to actively invest.

Induction of smart home application type, the main core for automation and control, and there are four major applications, including: entertainment, safety, health, energy saving. From the layout and application development trend of international Dachang, the development path of smart home can be concluded by the above applications. The development process is not to replace, but with the completion of software and hardware, the application mode of different situations is gradually developing. The following is the description of the development path of the smart home application, as follows:

Smart Home 1: the intelligence of the home appliance and the cross - terminal link. In the past, the earliest smart home application scenarios were devices that mainly rely on home appliances, through MCU, Sensor and communication modules, to control or share information across terminals. For example, you can use TV to control air conditioning.

Smart Home 2: create remote synchronization situations with cloud connections. Through the network, all kinds of devices in the family can be sent back to the cloud storage, and users can remotely know the status of the devices in the family and control remotely through remote devices such as mobile phones and PC. For example, use the APP on the phone and open the air conditioner before going home.

Smart Home 3: reach the best development goal of personalization. According to the historical data and experience, the service system can judge the needs of the different members of the family in order to achieve the goal of automatic control. As different members of the family return home, the air conditioning can automatically adjust the different temperatures.

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